Venue: Venue 26, 4 West Shore, The Pittenweem Arts Festival

(From the harbour, keep walking along the lane that goes along the rocky beach right the way along)

Dates: 4th – 12th August, 10am – 5pm

This annual festival takes in Pittenweem on the coast of Fife. It’s a celebration of the visual arts and takes place in galleries, homes, studios and other venues around the town and down by the harbour and this year features 120 artists.


Marianne’s show is made up of work pre and post RBGE Diploma in Botanical Illustration and will feature a mixture of prints and original work as well as cards.


The main focuses are:

Fernation Vernation, which is an exploration into the lush verdant nature of ferns and the diversity in their structures (these were shown previously at BISCOT).


Arisaema Growth Cycle, which is a study using different botanical illustration techniques to demonstrate the seasonal development of these fascinating Cobra Lilies.


Marianne Hazlewood Dip Bi