We’re pleased to offer our updated Mentor Scheme (previously the Buddy Scheme) to both new and existing members. We’re delighted that a number of our members have volunteered to act as a Mentor. If you’re willing to be a mentor, or would like the support of a mentor, contact me through mentor@thessba.org to ask for help or advice.

As well as support for existing members, the scheme is particularly beneficial to assist new members on joining the Society. The aim is to help them integrate into the SSBA by introducing them to an existing member they can contact directly with any questions or queries.


  • To help the new member understand the working of the society
  • To introduce them to other members
  • To assist them in applying for entry to an exhibition
  • To guide them through the scanning, printing and framing processes
  • To advise in the purchasing of art materials
  • To put them in contact with someone relevant to their question

Botanical Art/Illustration is an expanding area of expertise and those involved love sharing their passion for this field. They are usually very willing to share their knowledge and experiences and if they don’t know, they will know someone who does!

To find a Mentor you should initially contact Lyn Campbell at mentor@thessba.org.