Aileen L. Friis-Jorgensen

I was a Teacher of Biology over a 40 year period, and continued painting as a hobby, in between raising two boys! I taught an evening class in Beginner’s watercolour when working part time.

I attended many Art courses at Edinburgh Art College and completed Advanced Higher Art in 2000.

My training as a Botanist, and my constant interest in detail, made me sign up for Botanical Art classes at RBGE.

After 3 years, I began classes with Fiona Strickland and Robert McNeill and have greatly increased my skills in Botanical Art.

I sold many oil, acrylic, and watercolour paintings before turning to Botanical Art and now have several enthusiastic buyers of my Botanical Cards and paintings, in both watercolour and coloured pencil.

I exhibit regularly at the Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh, and organise a Watercolour group, and a small gallery space, at the Club. I am currently supervising the renovation of the Scottish Arts club Geddes Garden, as well as trying to keep my own garden in order!

My enthusiasm for botanical painting increases with each new subject, and the challenge each one brings

Images © A. Friis-Jorgensen