Sandra Klaassen

I began drawing at a young age and after graduating from The Royal Academy of Art and Design (The Netherlands) I started my working career as an illustrator of Children’s Books. Although I’m interested in all forms of art I have been fascinated by drawing plants and flowers since I can remember.

When I lived in Scotland I discovered Botanical Drawing again. I attended several courses and masterclasses at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. That led me to the Certificate and Diploma Courses. I achieved my diploma in 2018 with distinction, winning the prize for top student. (shared with Yoko Harada).

In my botanical art I try to approach my subject accurately but artistically at the same time. I aim for a lively image full of contrast . It doesn’t matter if the plant is in bud, full bloom, wilding etc. Every part is a source of inspiration.

Images © S. Klaassen