Carolann Alexander

My name is Carolann Alexander and I am establishing myself as a Botanical artist and a direct route towards this ambition was to enthusiastically apply to become a member of the Scottish Society Botanical Artists. This decision coincided with the successful completion of my SBA diploma.

I consciously construct my paintings with a bias towards the scientific diagnostic features of the plant and within that identification I use light, colour and composition to artistically depict with feeling the essence of the plant. My work has been privately commissioned and my paintings have been exhibited in fine art galleries in Edinburgh.

My landscape paintings of Scottish beauty spots were used as the concept idea for the contents page of the book Scottish Plant Lore An Illustrated Flora by Botanist Greg Kenicer.

I am very proud to be a Committee member Institute Analytical Plant Illustration which is helping me progress in the understanding of Scientific Botanical illustration. There is a constant feeling of wonder within my soul when looking at plants and I lose sense of time when discovering their colours, textures and of course their smells! I am exceptionally happy and wholeheartedly inspired to be a part of this society where I know I am joining incredible artists who share my passion and care for our artistic adventures into the wonderful fascinating world of Botanical wonder.

Images © M Greenwood